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List of Sci-Fi Weapons. Celebrate Diversity.

Sci-Fi Weapons T-Shirt
Sci-Fi Weapons T-ShirtSci-Fi Weapons T-Shirt

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Sci-Fi Weapons
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Celebrate Diversity
Graphic List of Sci-Fi Weapons: Lightsaber, Bajic Blaster, Romulan Disrupter Rifle, Klingon Knife, Mjollnir, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Bat'Leth, Ray Gun, Type II Phaser Pistol, Zat Gun, Cobrahead Phaser, Krull Glav, Gravity Gun, Fuel Rod Cannon, Stempunk Pistol

Back Of Shirt Is Blank - 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton

Imprint Area: 10.5" X 13"

This graphic depiction of some of the most popular and powerful weapons used in sci-fi books and films will surely bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded geek on your gift list. Bonus: now you donít have to spend months coming up with an elaborate costume for the next con on your itinerary. Youíre welcome!

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science fiction weapons

Sci-Fi Weapons <br>T-Shirt
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